A very interesting March release coming that will fit in nicely with some other recent releases from other Patreons making your armies from the Depths really come to life. 

Cant wait to see the other models.

Lord of the Print- Under the Sea March Release
3d Printing Patreons $10- March

What you get
UndertheSea content : 
  • - Water Element (1st picture)
  • - Triton Spear (2nd picture)
  • - Triton Sword (3th picture)
  • - Triton Whip (4th picture)
  • - Leviathan
  • - Cecaelia Queen
  • - Cecaelia Spear
  • - Cecaelia Swords
  • - Dunklesaurus Swimming
  • - Dunklesaurus Roaring

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