My FDM printer (Ender 5 Pro) has been working non-stop on some terrain that turned out rather good. The terrain is from a Kickstarter  called Isolation Protocol Terrain, so I am not certain it is still available. However there is quite a bit that you can make with this set and I still have some more ruined buildings that I have parts printed out for. These definitely turned out good with stairs and bridges that can be placed where you want them.

I will say that all of this took a couple weeks to print out and yet.... only a day to paint up as you see it. However the results are fantastic. 

I started printing these in white PLA and learned something interesting.... print it all in black and priming will be a little less tedious if you happen to miss some deeper details while priming.

There were some issues I had while printing which I have as of now attributed to the PLA I was using. It was a nightmare in many aspects and have now moved to a different brand SUNLU which seems to adhere better to the build plate and do overhangs with a ton less difficulty. 

As for paints..... These were primed black with a cheaper black primer and then painted with Vallejo hobby paint sprays. 

Over all love how they turned out and know that these will see lots of use on my own gaming tables over the upcoming months.

Overall I went through a couple rolls of PLA to print all of this out. I believe two of them at $22 each. I highly suggest though when printing out terrain you are going to prime.... use the black PLA and just spray it in the daylight where you can see what you are doing. Any crazy recesses will still be black if they happen to get less paint on them. Vallejo sprays are awesome btw. Love the color ranges and how they go on.

As a final step I did spend some time drybrushing to help bring out a few of the details. 

These are table ready, and I need to put together the ruined sections next.
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