Figured I would share what just came off my printer today. Of course it takes a day of printing, I believe it took my 4 full prints that took about 4.0 hours each on average. Some a little more some a little less. 

This is from The Makers Cult, their Feudal Guard Elite Transport that was just released this weekend to their 3d Printing Patreon in the 2nd Wave for February. Your link here.

You can see a ton of options are available for this vehicle including Cannons, Stubber type guns, Autocannons, and so much more. I did not yet glue anything down. 

When it came to printing as normal with the Makers Cult, the presupported versions of the transport were just fine to print straight as they came to me. I tend to find some Patreons (most) I often have to check or do some of my own supports and adjustments. 

Assembly and even doing some magnetizing looks to be a piece of cake here. As for things I wish they would of added was a cover piece for the rear side guns when not used.... So I could magnetize that section easier with or without having side guns. Even a second turret option for the back section up high would of been fun. Fantastic miniature though. 

Make certain you check out the side decor just behind the side doors. Great details. Also just for a heads up on how much resin it took. I am going to guess that out of a 1000g bottle of resin I could safely print three of these transports. I would probably even have some left over. 

Also just for scale......

Also just to answer the questions on size. I did print at 100% scale, so you can adjust this up or down to your hearts content. 

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