Some crazy new artwork coming for the Hedonites of Slaanesh battletome coming later this month. Here is a look at what is coming as Slaanesh breaks out across the realms.

via WarCom

Who are the Hedonites?

"The God of depravity was imprisoned long ago by some of the most powerful beings in the Mortal Realms. In his absence, the mortal followers of Slaanesh have been fractured into various groups, each with a different goal. 

Some wander according to their whim, reaving and ravaging. Others seek out their missing deity, pursuing every rumour and driven by the endless quest. A few even desire to take a seat in Slaanesh’s empty throne and become a god in his stead. What unites them all, though, is the thrill of excess. "

Sigvald the Magnificent 

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