The big question I think on peoples minds about this upcoming reveal on Saturday morning is the mystery game. Is it going to be an existing game or we will see the return of some of the more loved games that feel like they have been missing from our lives for too long. Lets look at some speculation.

  • Battlefleet Gothic would be one of the top big news events in a long time. I can't see this happening simply because it feels like a big investment during the age of lockdowns
  • Mordheim is a big favorite and it was loved. The genre though seems really overcrowded though with Underworlds and Warcry
  • Epic... Whoa, I really don't even want to go there and consider it. It would be like the discovering a Dinosaur still walking the earth.
  • The Old World.... nope... still out a ways most likely.
  • Something New? 
This Im afraid is one of those big worries. Disappointment seems likely. My guess is it will not be a "new or coming back of a game" and instead be just another game not currently on the list. 

OK, so what do you hope it could be and what do you think it most likely will be?

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