I printed a few of these up on my Anycubic Photon S and is normal with printing files from The Makers Cult these were a dream to print on many levels. 

Really its always amazing when you 3d print a model for the first time and get it all together. These are no different, they were very thoughtfully sculpted and created so that the entire mech fits onto a single print! Literally it was one 3 1/2 hour print to get do a single Walker! 

just out of the printer- dripping resin

After Cleaning some time to dry

That said I had to make more.

I am using extra options, including extra weapons just because what I will be using them for you can load them up like nuts and customize your walkers to anything that is in here. (The Genesys Project).

Then I realized I did not have bases for them..... So I am able to print 2 60mm round bases at a time and these themselves also take a little bit longer than the mech, 3 hours 40 minutes. 

Love all the options and extras

Sized up to my old (metal) Sentinel

Just had to print three for a Squadron- These are going to a Genesys Project 3rd Age Army

Excuse the baking soda on the resin around some of the glued joints. (I use it to help control glue and get a more instant bond).

The weapons options for these guys is solid (if your an Imperial Guard player you know the options you will find). With an entire Walker able to fit onto a single printing platform for one print run per walker is amazing and shows the thought going into their prints. 

It should also be said that I used their pre-supported stl files! I had to do nothing to them for perfect prints.

These walkers are from The Makers Cult January 3D Printing Patreon 
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