I've been patiently waiting for this one...... If you want to know the possibilities of what can happen to our miniature hobby with some talented, creative, and motivated people, this is the place to check out. 

I plan on printing the crap out of this one. Fully modular, posable, with access to customize in almost too many ways to count. 

This feels like a new pinnacle is achieved in customizing miniatures. 

January's Light Mech Showcase - The largest and most detailed model we have ever made!

(can you imagine if Anvil did a larger version of this mech?)

via Anvil Digital Forge

Its quite a claim, but I cannot think of any miniature we have produced in the almost 10 years we have been in business which comes close to this months download in size, detail, or modularity, and there will be even more parts and options in a second download coming soon!

Resin versions of this kit (later this year) will have fewer options and likely retail for $40+ each, so grab unlimited personal prints for $9 by signing up for Anvil Digital Forge before the end of the month!


Key Features :

  • Fully Modular and customizable - Use Blender (Free, fully-featured CAD software) to quickly and easily repose the legs, arms and even hands to any pose you like, and select from numerous different components and build options (full instructions will be provided so anyone can customize their build - no prior CAD knowledge required)
  • Use our Modular Mech Rifle Assembler to pick and choose weapon components - there are over 1500 combinations!
  • Fully detailed pilot and interior cockpit- compatible with our regiments system to fully customize the driver to match your miniatures.
  • More options to come - direct shoulder/torso mounted weapons (without arms) and a high tech torso and power plant combination - making the mech suitable for a wider range of game systems.

These renders show just a small fraction of what you can do with the Kit. We will release more example videos and images next week!

Using our Blender based weapon assembler, building a fully customized weapon using any mix of the components shown above is easy for anyone, and still pre supported.

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