As if on schedule when a leak comes out..... WarCom gives us a reveal. 

Kangaroo Elves (apparently tree runners) are here along with another odd creature. Make certain you tell us what you think.......

And yes I agree with many of you... I'd be trimming the bats.

via WarCom

Aelves on kangaroos? The Mortal Realms is just full of surprises, isn’t it? Despite the internet speculation today, these stylish mounts aren’t actually Antipodean marsupials, despite the resemblance. These creatures are treerunners – one of the many and varied exotic Hyshian creatures with which the Lumineth have a natural affinity. Their riders are Hurakan Windchargers, and we can only assume they’re swift as an autumn gale.

It looks like the power of ancient bloodlines is rising in the Mortal Realms as well – just take a look at this bloodsucking fiend, who answers to the title of Vampire Lord.

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