I know some of you have been following my progress with the new Ender 5 Pro here in the office and I wanted to share the final results. I'm pretty happy with how they turned out and for color I was trying to match them up with some existing terrain textures color and textures already on my shelves. 

All three of these prints were done with PLA on the Ender 5 Pro on the normal resolution profile ( I can turned it up higher). I printed up the three pieces you see here and the rest of the ruined set that I purchased off of Printable Scenery


I did very little to tune in the printer so this is very much right out of the box, primed black, and painted with Vallejo spray cans and then dry brushed with a little touch up. Little bit of crushed walnut added for ground debris,  along with some plastic plant cuttings and a little lichen all glued into place.

Here they are- sorry for the shadows.

These just finished printing and thus will complete the set. I will paint these up tomorrow.

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