The Makers Cult is on a roll with this months releases and I am loving the Prometheus Juggernauts they have going. There are lots here to see... and generally their monthly releases come in 2-3 waves during the month. 

As the Makers Cult often does vehicles and Infantry of all kinds, these guys are very much one of my favorites.

The Makers Cult: $12.50

February Release will Include:

  • Valour Korps - General Waldemar                                               (Brexitt)
  • Valour Korps - General Franz                                                        (Brexitt)
  • Feudal Guard - 6 Wheeler                                                               (Brexitt)
  • Tempest Lords - Prometheus Juggernaut                              (Garin)
  • Iron Hive - Hive Priestess / Dark Techno ArchPriest            (Sebtheis)
  • Iron Hive - Warriors extra parts & Alpha                                    (Sebtheis)
  • Dark Crusader - Berserks                                                               (GearGutz)
  • Dark Crusader - Gunners                                                                (GearGutz)
  • Lunar Auxillia - Ogres                                                                       (ThatEvilOne)

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