WarCom today has revealed 7 new rules that we will see that they say are the most gruesome in the new book. Lets check them out. 

via WarCom

1. Mortarion’s Warlord Trait(s)

2.More durable Poxwalkers

3. Tougher Death Guard Chaos Lords

Regular Chaos Lords of the Death Guard have cause to rejoice, as they now have the resilience to match their pestilent brothers-in-arms. While originally they had more in common with their unblessed peers among the Traitor Legions, now both Chaos Lords and Sorcerers of the Death Guard have Toughness 5, Contagions of Nurgle, and Disgustingly Resilient to better fit into your armies. 

4. More Contagions

5. Deathshroud Terminators fight harder and run faster

6. Custom Contagions for your Crusades

7. Foetid Bloat-drones fly into close combat

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