The Genesys Project takes you deep into alternative modern and sci-fi settings to create your faction in a an Alternative or Dystopian Society for your creation. In this way you can can create Militaristic Martial Societies, Steampunk, Technocratic, and even a Cyberpunk faction. 

You can still get your preorders in for The Genesys Project for either or both books The Revelations of Genesys the 2nd Age and the Exodus of Genesys the 3rd Age.

or find out more information on the game here 

In the books Revelations of Genesys the 2nd Age and the Exodus of Genesys the 3rd Age your Domain often comes with a Trait depending upon your Domain. For Humanoids in the 2nd Age they get Modern Firearms for no point costs. With an Alternative and or Dystopian Society trait you can replace these starting traits with selected 1st Tier from another Branch of Traits (In Knowledge or Adaptation) and even improve the abilities. These become faction wide traits that can even change your starting characteristics allowing you to take your faction down the rabbit hole of your own choosing.

Imagine playing a faction that is decedents of the Fey and Focus on otherworldly studies or a Feral Society that is living far in the technological past. 

Steampunk takes technology in a new direction with Automatons, Clockwork Monsters, and new Inventions to make your weapons and armor very unique. Whatever you choose, selecting an alterative knowledge trait can change the direction of your faction for the future.

This has been one of the gems in the Humanoid factions among playtesters and one that is a ton of fun to delve into in the new upcoming books for The Genesys Project. 

Here is a preview of the Steampunk Branch for the Humanoids in the 2nd Age. 

What do Steampunk weapons look like? Well imagine advanced weapon upgrades that don't increase the properties of the weapon, but instead are much more expensive in point costs. 

There are many interesting things looking at this branch since its most likely you have not yet seen a 2nd Age branch before. 3rd Tier Traits that cost progression. A Locked Branch that has other requirements to get into. 

Here is an example of a Steampunk weapon.

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