Crusade Rules are below for Dark Angels hunting the Fallen. 

via WarCom

If your Crusade force contains any Dark Angels units,* you’ll get to keep track of a fun new thing called Unforgiven points. You’ll gain one for every game you play, but you can also generate more with the help of Agendas and Battle Honours like the delightfully dark None Must Know.

We always knew that Inquisitor who insisted on coming along was looking rather shifty. Don’t forget that Crusades are narrative campaigns, so make sure to come up with a story to explain why the Deathwing Assault arrived just too late to save those poor allied Skitarii who got shot to pieces.

Once you’ve accumulated 20 Unforgiven points, the hunt is on – one of the Fallen has been located and it’s your job to apprehend them. Before your next battle, after determining the mission and revealing your army rosters, you can choose to embark on a Capture mission. A Fallen model** embeds itself in the enemy force and your job is to take them down while the opponent tries to protect them, all while the regular mission rages around you. Whoever succeeds wins a bounty of experience points and a new tale to tell their fellow hobbyists, so throw everything you’ve got at them.

As custodians of a massive reclusiam of ancient technology and esoteric relics, it stands to reason that the Dark Angels have some powerful options for your units to requisition once they’ve got a few victories under their belt. Space Marines of the Ravenwing have the The Raven’s Eyes to guide their aim while roaring around at high speed, while their shield-carrying brothers in the Deathwing can throw out their old-and-busted storm shield for a new-hotness Shield of Calloson complete with a 3+ invulnerable save.
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