Updated: This looks like we have a winner on what will be the reveal for the weekend. A huge thanks to Siph for posting up in the comments and sending in thoughts.

It looks like something big is coming Adeptus Titanicus this weekend. The above image is our first clue on what it could be. 

Any ideas? 

Updates from Siph in the Comments
Firstly, my good friend Damien put this collage together from the AT28mm FB group and WarComm official teaser.

What we know is it is based on the Warlord Concept art, no large calibration Carapace Weapons, just AA weaponry up top, but the main weaponry will be at least Warlord Class Arm Weapons, not surprised if this will have more powerful weapons than Warlord looking at cruciform Plasma array, assuming just two weapons this will be consistent with Warlord Reactor power output, perhaps ‘Warlord Nemesis’ variant type thing?

The knee weapons and segmented armour and lacking Carapace weaponry is consistent with concept Warlord artwork. Seen here:

Firstly in AT scale, but next in 28mm 40k scale as design work is done in CAD and scaled down for AT.

Just what we have put together ourselves with help from AT28mm FB and a few pointed questions with designers...

Remember these previews...

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