A new Space Marine kit coming in before the end of the month just in case you felt left out in the cold. Bladeguard Veterans have a great look to them and apparently a ton of options included on the sprues that are shown below. Definitely check them out. 

via WarCom

"the Sergeant has the option to carry a plasma pistol or neo-volkite pistol instead of a heavy bolt pistol. All three options are included in the kit, so you can arm your Sergeant with your favourite xenos-, traitor-, or heretic-purging pistol of choice.

the kit also includes a multitude of head options along with holsters and scabbards to support your choice of equipment. There are also some left- and right-handed weapon combinations to choose between (Space Marines are ambidextrous, after all) for an added variety of poses.

This fantastic kit will be available to pre-order on Saturday the 30th of January"

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