The Las Vegas Open is not happening due to Covid 19 but instead its important to know there will be a Las Vegas Nopen online event. Those of your that know the Las Vegas Open is ran by Reece Robbins of Frontline Gaming is intimately involved in 40k tournament ciruits and Games Workshop. This should be a great event. 

Event information can be found here

And dont forget to head over to this link and jump in on the $1,000 shopping spree opportunity!!!!

via Frontline Gaming and the Las Vegas Open

When You Can't Go to Vegas, We Bring Vegas to You!

The world of Warhammer's best and brightest bring you an online event like none you've ever seen. If the LVO can't happen, we'll bring you the LVnO instead! 

All entries into this gleam project will give you a chance to win a $1,000.00 shopping spree with Frontline Gaming. 

Thank you so much for participating and stay safe!

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