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INQ28 conversions

This time pictures about conversations made for an incoming game about an Inquisitorial Conclave. Honestly the project has been bit by a bug of insanity as its size keeps on increasing - at least I have not started to construct the custom half-ruined terrain for the council that has been haunting my mind! Converting Inquisitors has been fun and five of them are now presented to you. They are mostly Reaper bones miniatures with added 40k and Frostgrave bits.

From left to right:

  • Zangevaal of Ordo Xenos, a radical specializing in forbidden biologics.
  • Venerable Caprenius Noster of Ordo Hereticus, a man whose prime was centuries ago.
  • Inquisitor Lady Uelwanro of Ordo Xenos, fiery organizer who tries to keep the Conclave orderly.
  • Danawyn of Ordo Malleus, a scarred daemon hunter.
  • Glawen of Ordo Malleus, a dark one not liked by many other attendees.

These wise Inquisitors will be joined by few others as well. Surely the Conclave shall be a clean and effective gathering without any sign of troubles or bloodshed!

Then there is four Acolytes of various readiness. Not even entirely sure which will be partnered with each Inquisitor. Particularly with these, making the model first and then coming up with a background is key.

Again left to right:

  • An Interrogator, potentially with psychic potential.
  • A feudal warrior, veteran of few years of service. The acolyte of Danawyn.
  • A "redeemed" beastman, converted to a mechanic killer.
  • A warlock that for sure is in control of his powers.

Finally, a Navigator from the esteemed Von Struttegarth house. A wandering house, they replace their mutated parts with bionics. Therefore most skilled members of the house do not posess much remaining flesh apart from their craniums and their Third Eye. Created hastily from few bits, metal wire skeleton and many layers of greenstuff, this "Cyber Admiral" was a fun project that was entirely redy in only three evenings after learning that I needed a Navigator for a boarding action!

May the Emperor Guide your way, Merry Sanguinala and Happy 021m3!


PS: Returning to the old site layout - Awesome!!

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