Anvil's Digital Forge is doing some crazy build options for their new Mech they are about to release to their Patreons. Definitely going over the top for this Mech and I cannot wait to get it! 

Just in case you forgot, you will be able to put this file into Blender (with full instructions on how to do it!) and pose the Mech how you want. This might be one of the greatest Patreon releases on many different levels that I have been excited about for some time. Im not certain whether its the Mech itself..... or the crash course on Blender they are giving, but I will be printing this baby when it comes out!

The Best part of this is that these weapon options are going to be available to use in a future turret system for future vehicles from Anvil. 

via Anvil Digital Forge

You read that title right, I got a bit carried away and instead of the promised 4 different weapon options, I have devised a fully modular 26 component rifle which can be assembled in any of over 1500 unique combinations.  

You have a choice of 2 stocks (or none), 3 rails (or none), 4 mags, 4 ammo feeds (with universal coupler) 3 fore grips (or none) and 5 barrels!  Mix and match components, barrel and Ammo type to create almost any sci-fi heavy rifle!

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