Behold the Ice Queen has Arrived. This is part of the Patreon loyalty rewards of being a part of the Archvillain Patreon for 6 consecutive months....... dang... means I might reach this one in April. 

Something to look forward to!

Most likely if you just can't wait, Archvillain does sell the stl files and hopefully these will be available there.

Come to think of it, if there is a 3 month one I should be eligible for that next month. Archvillain Games is quickly becoming one of my favorite Patreon Accounts for 3D printing. 

via Archvillian Games Patreon

Recurring Villain Rewards : Frenya, the Ice Queen!

Hello everyone!
Some news on our Recurring Villain Rewards (loyalty)!
Without further ado, here is the second loyalty reward we made for you!
Since we are at the heart of winter we found this fitting..

Behold the Frenya, the Ice Queen!
She stands at more than 110mm tall!

Frenya will be sent next month to patrons who supported for 6 consecutive months (starting September 2020)!

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