Death Guard and creating your own custom plagues. Some of these look to really bog things down and be random, but custom items are always fun.

via WarCom 

In case you’re only just joining us for Death Guard week, armies of the XIV Legion will now be able to generate their own custom brand of contagion to spread throughout their campaigns. Your army’s plague is split into three parts:

Although each of these three are randomly determined at the start of your Crusade, opportunities to customise it and re-roll parts of your choice are earned by obtaining Virulence points and spending them on the new Virulent Adaptations requisition. These new points can be earned by completing various new Agendas for your army, but you’ll have to wait for the new codex to see exactly what they are.

In addition to that, a host of Crusade Relics and Requisitions are arriving for you to equip your warband with, including powerful Chaos Boons. Ever a fan of the number three, these gifts granted by Nurgle are rolled on a D33* and could make your chosen Character faster, stronger, or even better at penetrating enemy armour.

Be careful though – although these Boons are permanent, they don’t come without risk. It wouldn’t be Chaos without the chance of something going horribly wrong,** and while Characters can have any number of Boons you wish to give them, getting the same result twice brings forth a beautiful*** thing called Spawndom.

Finally, for those who don’t fall into the clutches of chaotic madness and manage to reach the heady heights of Legendary status, a mighty new Relic awaits them to better spread their grandfather’s Contagions of Nurgle across the board.

Pre-order the new Codex: Death Guard when it arrives tomorrow

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