Warhammer 40,000 the App has updates for Death Guard rules, Imperial Knights, and Chaos Knights. See what is going on with a list of the latest patch notes.

A critical note here is that these updates might delete some of your lists!

via WarCom
A new update for Warhammer 40,000: The App is here, bringing you Death Guard rules, different ways to use your Imperial Knights and Chaos Knights, and plenty more besides. It’ll be going live in the next few hours, if it hasn’t already – keep an eye on your app store for the new version.

These updates might delete some of your saved armies from the app, so be sure to email your most precious lists to yourself before updating. While you’re downloading the latest version from your device’s app store, let’s take a look at what’s new. 

Patch notes: 25th January 2021

  • If you picked up a copy of the new Codex: Death Guard this weekend, you can now unlock it in your app – so you can take your rules with you anywhere, whether you’re a subscriber or not.
  • Inquisition units can now individually select their specialisations, allowing you to put together a task force from across the Ordos.
  • Imperial Knights and Chaos Knights can now assign the Character keyword to models.
  • Freeblades are available to Imperial Knights.
  • Chaos Knights can make use of Dreadblades.
  • Stratagems that grant Psychic Powers now allow the psyker to select their additional power.
  • Rules from Psychic Awakening books have been implemented for various factions, including Tyranids Hive Fleet Adaptations, T’au Empire Prototype Weapon Systems, and Astra Militarum Tank Aces.
  • A wide range of bugs has been identified and eliminated, with moderate to extreme prejudice.

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