Chapter Approved 2017 is coming in December according this set. Rules for Adeptus Sororitas and Space Wolves which should lead us to believe that there are no codex updates coming for them soon. You can also see that certain codices are not listed here.... like Dark Angels, Blood Angels, and Chaos Daemons which are now known to be the next 3 codices.

As always with things like this, always use a grain of salt until we get some official information. I'm certain we will start seeing more very very soon. The image above is just from a previous Warhammer Community article, where they gave us some insight into what is coming. You can see that here.

New early information.........

via sources on Faeit 212
2017 Chapter Approved is coming is Soon-Dec

  • Rules for Open Play- apoc
  • Narrative Play- planetstrike, stronghold assault
  • Matched Play- eternal war, maelstrom of war, and objective markers for each faction
  • Faction Rules for Adepta Sororitas, Deathwatch, Drukhari, Genestealer Cults, Harlquins, Imperial Knights, Necrons, Orks, Space Wolves, Tau Empire, and Thousand Sons
  • Scenery Rules, Point Cost changes
Adepta Sororitas
1GP Martydom-use when a character dies and on a 2+ can perform an Act of Faith
1GP Purity of Faith- use when an enemy uses psychic powers within 24" on a 4+ negate it.

Warlord Trait
re-roll failed morale tests if within 6" of Warlord

Blade to replace power sword. Melee S +2 AP-3 D3

Space Wolves
1 GP shooting phase choose 1 unit within 1" of the enemy and use bolt weapons as if they are pistol 2 type.
1 GP set up a unit on the hunt- deploys at the end of any movement phase within 6" of any board edge and more than 9" away from enemy models.

Warlord Trait
Warlord can fight first even if he did not charge

Sword- melee S+1, AP-4, D1 can re-roll all failed to wound rolls.

Updated Point Values
Space Marines pts per model
Aggressor 21
Chaplain in Terminator Armour 100
Drop Pod 83
Inceptor 25
Intercessor 18
Librarian 88
Librarian in Terminator 120
Razorback 70
Stalker 75
Stormraven 192
Tartaros Terminator 26
Terminator Assault 26
Terminus Ultra 250
Vindicator 125
Whirlwind 70

Assault bolter 10
Assault cannon 22
Assault plasma incinerator 17
Auto boltstorm gauntlets 12
Auxiliary grenade launcher 1
Boltstorm gauntlet 22
Centurion assault launchers 3
Force axe 10
Force stave 8
Hurricane bolter 10
Ironclad assault launchers 5
Plasma exterminator 17
Predator autocannon 40
Twin assault cannon 44

Roboute Guilliman 385
Sergeant Chronus 40

Death Guard
Deathshroud Terminators 35
Defiler 140
Lord of Contagion 100
Noxious Blightbringer 58
Plague Marines 17
Plagueburst Crawler 100
Sorcerer Terminator 120
Tallyman 55

Blight launcher 10
Force Axe 10
Force Stave 8
Force Sword 8
Helbrute Fist single/pair 40/50
predator autocannon 40
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