These things are rather cool, and I watched the Warhammer TV version of it. These things are inexpensive enough that most of us should end up with one or two of them. Today a reader found something interesting with them..... Check it out!

You can find these things here on the GW Webstore
Citadel Painting Handle $8

via a Reader on Faeit 212
Found something interesting with the new painting handles. You can remove the model holder.
The screw seems to be the standard used for camera equipment so I guess you could put the holder on a small tripod if you wanted to.
The interesting thing about this though is that this means you could crew on other model holders or vice versa with another grip.
We could potentially see different handles or model mounts in the future as this one doesn't hold all sizes, then again would you really want to hold a Wraithknight or Imperial Knight on one of these?
A Citadel model holding turn table would fit those perfectly though hence my thoughts on it being removable.

Here is the Warhammer TV video for them

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