We've all heard the rumors that there will be a version of the old VDR (Vehicle Design Rules) in the upcoming chapter approved book coming in December. Today we have a rumor set that gives us some insight to that.

What I find odd about this rumor is the transport capacity is what is used for designing the vehicle, and if and when this expands to other vehicles I can see this working, but it feels odd. We will have to see, but over all I like how this is done, and hope that there are lots of weapons options.

Please remember that these are rumors, and to give them a grain or two of salt.

via Sources on Faeit 212
The section is for Land Raiders only and creates a Transport Capacity or TC. For your Land Raiders this is determined by the primary weapon choice. For example 2 twin lascannons grant a TC of 10, 2 Hurricane Bolters grants a 16 and two Flamestorm cannons a 12. 

From there you can take secondary weapons including hull mounted weapons. These subtract from your TC, and have options that include Imperium only, Space Wolves only -helfrost cannon- and Chaos only choices. Most of these options reduce the TC by 5 or 0. Most secondary sponson weapons have a -5. 

Wargear is available as well, but does not affect your TC, and whatever is left over is gives you the Transport Capacity for your Land Raider. 

There are also special abilities that are determined whether your Land Raider is imperium or chaos, like daemonic machine spirit or machine spirit.

There are no point cost values for making your Land Raider, as its for Open Play. A blank datasheet comes with the book. 
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