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I play Tau from the very start. It was very hard during the first years.
Since the release of the big battlesuits I also play them on tournaments.
I had a very good time with them till the start of the 8th Edition.
I tried a lot of different concepts and none of them were competitive enough.

Then I recognized the potential of the Commander and Drone Spam.
I know that this is no high skilled build, but it is the most competitive one at the moment.
I hope that we will see the codex very soon to get more playable options, so that I can switch to a more balanced build.
The concept is so hard that I didn´t loose a game since the last three months and five tournaments.
(But not all ot them were victorys, there were some draws too ;-)

One of the unique characteristics of design of this Commander Modells is the dice as a woundtracker.
I embedded it in the bases so that they can keep their positions while moving the modell over the field.

BR from Bavaria


P.S.:I´m sorry, the quality of the pictures is not the best.
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