A couple previews are up.... (Im a little slow on them as Ive been gaming all weekend). Great news, and the scenarios look great. Hopefully the previews continue all week! Chapter Approved will be a must have book with the updated point costs and rules.

Apocalypse Returns
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In Chapter Approved, Apocalypse is back, featuring rules and scenarios for playing your biggest battles ever. Apocalypse games are focused on epic moments, grand narratives, and fun, while accommodating armies that can run into the tens of thousands of points. The toolset in the book is a flexible and robust base from which you could build countless scenarios. We like the rules for multi-board games; perhaps one table could have a clutch of Deathstrikes waiting to fire as a team of desperate Pathfinderstry to stop them before they annihilate the Ta’unar Supremacy Armour on another.
The Apocalypse missions are similarly awesome. Our favourite is Exterminatus, set during the death of a world while viral bombardments, cyclonic torpedoes and orbital lasers tear apart the very planet your warriors stand on.
It’s not just about the games themselves – Chapter Approved is full of advice on organising your Apocalypse games. As anyone who’s tried to run a club can attest to, organising a pack of Warhammer fans has a lot in common with trying to herd cats. Thankfully, you’ll find tips for planning your games, picking a place and even using a gamemaster or umpire to make sure everything runs smoothly.
With Apocalypse in Chapter Approved, you’re free to plan and play games you’ll remember for years afterwards; the epic, gaming-group spanning combats that every hobbyist remembers fondly. If you’ve ever wanted to play war on the scale it’s depicted in your favourite Black Library novels and art, or just fancy finding out how many Ork Boyz you need to take down a Warlord Titan, Apocalypse is for you – and it’s only a small slice of what you’ll find in Chapter Approved. Come back tomorrow, when we’ll be looking at some of the 24 new missions included in the supplement.

Designing Land Raiders
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Are you ready for Chapter Approved?
Chapter Approved is your essential gaming supplement, packed with new missions, rules and even hobby tips designed to make your games of Warhammer 40,000 as awesome as they can possibly be. You’ll find the creative, experimental spirit of classic Warhammer publications like Rogue Trader and the previous incarnation of Chapter Approved combined with the polish and streamlining you’ve come to expect from the latest edition of Warhammer 40,000. We’ll be previewing just some of what you can expect to find in your copy throughout this week, starting with a look at the return of a much-loved feature from Rogue Trader – vehicle design rules!

Converting is a great part of the Warhammer 40,000 hobby. While our miniatures cover a vast swathe of the 41st Millennium, there’s huge scope for more, and converting models – or even writing their own datasheets – allows hobbyists to recreate some of the lesser-known aspects of the background and express their creativity. This is celebrated in Chapter Approved, which features rules for designing your own Land Raiders.
The Land Raider is one of the most customisable Warhammer 40,000 kits, thanks to five “hard points” that fit a range of Space Marine vehicle weaponry. As such, we decided that the Land Raider would be the perfect candidate for our first set of vehicle design rules.
Designing a Land Raider is simple. Each Land Raider has a main armament that determines its total transport capacity; hurricane bolters, for instance, give you 16 transport slots, while lascannons give you 10. From there, you’re able to choose a range of secondary armaments, from even more sponson weapons, to secondary abilities such as frag assault launchers. From a Chaos Titan-killer bristling with lascannons, to a Space Wolves assault vehicle armed with both helfrost and inferno cannons, there’s a huge range of possibilities available.
What’s best about these rules is that they’re just guidelines, aimed at providing a strong base for you to build on with conversions of your own. The beauty of open play is the variety and experimentation it allows, and perhaps you could apply these rules to Predators or even Tyranid bio-beasts.
You’ll be able to pre-order Chapter Approved (and start designing your own Land Raiders) on Saturday the 25th – in the meantime, pick up a Land Raider here.

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