What's On Your Table: To submit your work, please send up to 8 pics to natfka@live.com

At the moment I’m staying at home ill…
And I really enjoy to check out all the “What’s On Your Table” stuff.

Maybe I got too much time or I’m more ill than I thought,
but you got me inspired. So I had to show you guys my sisters!

This is just the more or less finished part of my army,
roundabout 100 other sisters and tanks are just waiting for their paintjob.

I’m sad off rumours and so the only way to fight them is to keep up painting.
And so I did the last days.

The last two pictures are showing my 1500 points list I want to use next.
Hope you guys like this round of “What’s On Your Table”.

With kind regards from Germany

PS: Wer einen Fehler findet darf ihn behalten!

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