Today we are getting a more details on what lies ahead of us from Games Workshop as we approach the end of the year and look ahead.

Firstly, some news from the underhive. We told you that the clan houses will all be re-entering the underhive in time, and we’ll be seeing the first of them in early 2018 with the Orlocks.
House Orlock is made up of miners and engineers who use ingenuity and grit to solve the various problems of the underhive, whether they’re making sure mining quotas are met or are just working out the best way to neutralise a charging Goliath ganger. The new Orlock gang remains true to the rebellious spirit of their forebears in the previous edition of Necromunda, but they will be just as customisable and detailed as the Escher and Goliath gangs. There are also some new weapons on the way, including the intimidating looking harpoon launcher!
Not all inhabitants of the underhive are “lucky” enough to run with a clan house, and many try to scrape by offering their services to the highest bidder. These desperate ruffians are known collectively as Hive Scum, often hired by smaller gangs to make up their numbers while they grow. Forge World will be bringing Hive Scum to your tabletop in the new year, starting with these:
The Orlocks will be released alongside Gang War 2; the second instalment in the Gang War series. For starters, this will contain the rules for founding and playing with your Orlock gang as well as their various new weapons and gadgets, hiring the aforementioned Hive Scum, as well as a wealth of other content to suit any Necromunda player, like using the new Badzone Delta gaming tiles:
The Specialist Games team intend to keep expanding Zone Mortalis as a fully fledged way to play Necromunda for those who are yet to invest in some 3D terrain. To help this, these tiles add new hazards to your game of Necromunda and help you make your 2D battlefields more diverse, deadly and fun to play on.
In the meantime, Necromunda: Underhive is on shelves at a store near you RIGHT NOW – if you’ve not ordered your copy yet, you could quite easily pick one up today! Get yours from the webstore of find your closest shop with the store finder.

When Codex: Death Guard was released, one Daemon Engine was missing from the original release lineup, and ever since, fans have been eager to add one to their armies. You won’t have too long to wait – we’re happy to officially reveal that the Myphitic Blight-hauler is coming soon, as part of a wave of Easy to Build kits. The Blight-hauler has all the disgusting detail of the rest of the Death Guard range, but has been cunningly engineered to be buildable without glue, and very quickly at that, meaning that getting yours on the tabletop will be simple.
This toxic tank will be accompanied by Lord Felthius and the Tainted Cohort, a kit that’s a great way to diversify the disgusting ranks of your Death Guard. Lord Fethius provides an alternative weapon option for the Lord of Contagion with a Manreaper, while the Tainted Cohort add yet more poses (and grotesque mutations) to your Blightlord Terminators.

On the loyalist side, one upcoming Easy to Build kit is a marvel of engineering, both in-universe and out of it. Since it’s release, the Primaris Redemptor Dreadnought has become a popular choice in Space Marine armies, and understandably so; blending the pugnacious silhouette of the classic Dreadnought with some powerful Primaris enhancements. The basic Redemptor kit is made up of 109 components, making it a highly customisable and rewarding build. Sometimes though, you just want to get a hulking battle machine on the tabletop as quickly as possible. Enter the Easy to Build Primaris Redemptor Dreadnought.
Made of only 12(!) components, but just as detailed as its counterpart, the Easy To Build Redemptor is only limited by pose and loadout and is pretty cunningly built (even if we do say so ourselves). Just check out the sprues:
The Easy to Build Primaris Redemptor Dreadnought will be accompanied by the Easy to Build Primaris Aggressors – add yours to your forces from Dark Imperium, and you’ll have the makings of potent little force of Primaris Space Marines in no time!
While we’re on the subject of loyalists, the Angels of Death are receiving some reinforcements in the form of two new character kits. The Blood Angels and Dark Angels both have a unique approach to war, and this is embodied in their lieutenants. Lieutenant Tolmeron and Lieutenant Zakariah are both instantly recognisable as paragons of their Chapters; the former is a bellicose exemplar of justice, and the latter a sinister, shrouded figure wielding advanced plasma weaponry.
Both these models come with a range of options, making them great alternative lieutenants for your Blood Angels and Dark Angels army. You’ll be able to pick these guys up at the same time as their codexes, so there’s not too long to wait.

Meanwhile, Space Marines in the 31st Millennium will be able to enlist the services of the Space Wolves Praetor. Praetors are the equivalent of Chapter Masters in the Age of Darkness, each one a master of hundreds (if not thousands) of other Space Marines and an expert in both command and direct conflict. The Space Wolves Praetor will look great hopping out of a Spartan Assault Tank at the head of a squad of Varagyr Terminators, and perhaps Leman Russ himself!

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