Today the Warhammer Community is all about Battlezones, as in Industrial Zones or Empyric Storms, and their rules.

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In Chapter Approved, you’ll be able to take full advantage of your collection of Sector Mechanicus terrain with a range of new rules, while every gamer can try the new Battlezone: Empyric Storm, simulating combat at the heart of a raging warp-vortex. Battlezone rules can be used in any kind of gameplay, whether you’re looking for a particularly epic site for the final confrontation in your narrative campaign, a battleground to test your self-designed open play Land Raiders or a new tactical challenge for your next matched play tournament.
Industrial Worlds battles are designed to represent what it’s like fighting at the heart of a Forge World. There are 7 new Stratagems exclusive to this mode of play, allowing for new interactions between certain pieces of Sector Mechanicus terrain or just new ways to move around them – infantry, for example, can make use of ad-hoc grappling hooks:
Empyric Storms, on the other hand, may well make for some of your most dramatic games of Warhammer 40,000 ever. With the opening of the Cicatrix Maledictum, the Imperium is wracked by all manner of warp-borne disturbances, and these rules allow you to represent that on the tabletop with some fun and thematic rules. Every turn, you roll on a table representing the fluctuation of the storm. Some events are instantaneous – Psychic Apotheosis, for example, gives one character the dubious gift of warpcraft – while others are persistent and pile up as the game
Complimenting both these game types is a range of datasheets and extra rulings for in-game terrain. You’ll find deeper rules for all your Sector Mechanicus buildings – plasma scenery, for example, offers cover to your units, but has a chance to discharge plasma when they come under fire. Meanwhile, Chapter Approved contains rules for a huge range of fortifications, so adding bunkers, defence towers and more to your army is easier than ever!
We’ll be covering these fortifications in more detail tomorrow when we round off our previews with a closer look at Stronghold Assault, Planetstrike and the handy campaign guidelines provided in Chapter Approved.

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