These things happen on occasion, and it appears that someone caught a glimpse of the new Daemon Codex! Some things were spotted of course, so here is what was said.

While I take this as a credible sighting, please take it as a rumor until we get official intel.

via anonymous readers here on Faeit 212 (the reader was asked to remain anonymous)
Visited the 40k Open day with friends yesterday, and           got a sneaky peak at the rear of the new demon codex. No pictures though! Can confirm a new Great Unclean One model, Horticulous Slimux is in there and some kind of new Nurgle demon I have never seen before. The GUO is very similar in size to the Forgeworld version. The New demon was similar to plaguebearers in height but a lot bulkier. Only one too, so could be a new character/herald?

Didn't get a long look before being ushered away!

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