What's On Your Table: To submit your work, please send up to 8 pics to natfka@live.com

I think it's awesome that you give some of your blog space to showing off other peoples' works, and I really enjoy seeing what people are doing. I figured I'd throw my hat in the ring, with my Dark Angels successor chapter. 

When 8th was announced I was excited to knock the dust off my Dark Angels, but when I saw the miniatures in Dark Imperium I knew I was going to want an entire army of Primaris sculpts. So, I decided I would make an 
Ultima Founding Chapter. I settled on a paint scheme pretty similar to the chapter shown off in the Dark Imperium guide and set about coming up with a name and Iconography. I'm still waiting on the Dark Angel codex to drop
so I can get some insight into how their primaris successors may be organized, but here's the first 2250 points or so of my army, The Lions of Terra. 

Keep up the great work with your blog!


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