Someone slowed this down and got the picture above from this quick video on Warhammer TV Facebook.

The image originally comes from Twitter, and shows a Land Raider and Solemnus Aggressor in the Keywords section. Its also painted in Dark Angels colors. Apparently this thing can unload 46 shots.

These are all in the Open play section following Land Raider Design rules according to sources chiming in for us today. Lets see what else they have listed below the video.

Not certain if they are the original source or not from their twitter page.

Miniwars Twitter page

via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
The picture clearly shows the Solemnus Aggressor and there are other Land Raider variants as well. Each one has an Open Play stamp on the datasheet. Here are a couple more not in the images posted.
  • Terminous Ultra has 2 lascannons and 3 twin linked lascannons and has power overload painted up in Ultramarine blue
  • Wrath of Mjalnar comes with twin helfrost cannons and 2 twin linked lascannons painted up in Spacewolves grey. It has a transport capacity of 5
  • Angel Infernus has a twin assault cannon, 2 heavy flamers and 2 flamestorm cannons painted up in Blood Angels red. Transport capacity of 7

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