This is an interesting bit, especially when it comes to the new Aspect Warriors and Avatar. I would assume that while most of these rumored bits cover 2017, the Eldar side of things may be something just being worked on (2018 maybe?).

Please remember that these are rumors. I have no idea on how solid these are, so please extra apply extra salt, and then perhaps a little extra.

via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
> Daemons release in Jan really more an AOS thing, but will include Great  
> Unclean One (!) and Pestigors

> Space Wolves last codex out (Summer-ish); Leman Russ returns!  Also new  
> Primaris bits for the Wolves (don't know what, exactly - maybe upgrade  
> sprues, maybe a unique unit?)

> Oct/Nov Khorne release inc. Angron, plastic Bezerkers, Khorninators,  
> dudes on Juggernaughts, Hounds

Last bit... Eldar due new Aspect Warriors and Avatar... but no idea when.   
It was suggested, though, that the new models will be (are!?) so different  
that they will *require* new codex entries.

I asked what he meant.  HE WINKED and suggested new Avatar will be size and  
power of Daemon Primarchs (price point to match) and Aspects will come with  
multiple weapon options FOR EVERYONE (think Dark Reapers can all take  
Shuriken Cannons instead of Reaper Launcher; Fire Dragons Flamers instead  
of Fusion Guns).

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