There is a lot up, and still up from last week pre-orders. A ton of Necromunda releases and bundles including cards/dice/miniatures. My favorite though are the scenery kits today, and don't miss the Thermic Plasma Regulators... a small but good set of terrain to add on to other orders.


The Hobbit
Mirkwood Armoured Elves Warband £40

Promethium Refinery £70
Thermic Plasma Conduits £22.50
Necromunda Bulkhead Doors £22.50
Necromunda Barricades and Objectives £22.50
Thermic Plasma Regulators £15

Necromunda Underhive
Necromunda Pre-orders £221.50
Necromunda: Underhive & Gang War £92.50
Necromunda: Underhive £75
Necromunda: Gang War £17.50

House Escher Collection £42
Escher Gang £25
Escher Gang Dice £8
Escher Gang Cards £9

House Goliath Collection £42
Goliath Gang £25
Goliath Gang Dice £8
Goliath Gang Cards £9

Black Library
Necromunda Print on Demand Collection  £74.91
Devastation Of Baal (Paperback) £8.99
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