Games Workshop responds to the leaks on Marbo with a full December reveal! There is a lot here, so check out what is coming next month! December is going to be a good month.

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We kicked off 2017 with the release of several heroes of the Imperium – and this December the Indomitus Crusade is reinforced by two of the First Founding Chapters, both of which will be spearheaded by a unique Primaris Space Marine Lieutenant.
Both of these guys are designed to blend the new Primaris aesthetic with the classic design motifs of their Chapter, and each will be a great way to tie the new and old elements of your army together. These guys will be released alongside their respective codexes, which will both be out before the year is over.
Talking of Primaris Space Marines, adding these enhanced warriors to your Chapter (Blood Angels, Dark Angels or otherwise) is about to get a lot easier thanks to some new Easy to Build kits. If you’re a fan of flamers (and who isn’t?), the Easy to Build Primaris Aggressors are for you, while the 12 piece – that’s right, only 12 – Redemptor Dreadnought allows you to get some heavy armour on the tabletop in no time.
All of these heroes (at least, if you believe the Imperial propaganda) pale in comparison to this hero of the Astra Militarum. We’re very happy to confirm that Sly Marbo is back.

It’s not all Imperial reinforcements though.
Grandfather Nurgle will be providing for his children this Christmas as well. Isn’t he generous? New Easy to Build reinforcements are on the way for the Death Guard – and yes, the Myphitic Blight-hauler is among them! This little guy possesses the same grotesque, whimsical charm as the rest of Nurgle’s children, combined with some terrifying firepower. It will be joined by a boxed set featuring three new Blightlord Terminators and a new Lord of Contagion wielding a manreaper – perfect for adding some disgusting diversity to the elite of your Death Guard army.
All these kits cost less than their fully customisable alternatives, meaning they’re a great way to build an army on a budget, too.
Meanwhile, in the Mortal Realms,  the Stormcast Eternals are receiving a new Lord-Celestant, featuring (for the first time) a bare head and a shield. If you’re looking to field an elite army with lots of commanders, or just want to make your leaders a little more durable against shooting, this guy is for you.
Even this month’s White Dwarf is jam-packed – inside, you’ll find loads of content (and some free cards for your games) to keep you busy this holiday season.
Warhammer Quest fans are particularly well-served by this month’s White Dwarf, with the beginnings of a whole new adventure in Shadows over Hammerhal to get stuck into using the 12 free cards as well as new rules for mercenary allies. Combined with the new Chaos Adversary Cards, it’s a great time to return to Hammerhal
There’s also a surprise update incoming for Space Hulk! If you’ve been fortunate enough to get your hands on a copy of this legendary game, you’ll soon be able to use your Genestealer Cults miniatures, providing brand new tactical challenges.
If you like battle reports, this White Dwarf is packed with content for you, containing four of them. From The Battle for Erebor in Middle-earth, to the Everwinter Curse in the Mortal Realms, to no less than two conflicts in the 41st Millennium; the Raid on Khott’s Folly takes us further into the depths of the new Necromunda, while the Assault on Urdek offers a look at the Planetstrike rules from the new Chapter Approved. These reports are all packed with drama, action and maybe a couple of tricks for you to try out in your next game.
Meanwhile, there’s plenty for painters of any skill level, with tips on getting your Blood Angels and Dark Angels tabletop-ready, as well as a showcase of some of the best models from this year’s Golden Demon Classic.
As if Christmas wasn’t exciting enough! You can pre-order your White Dwarf tomorrow, while the rest of these releases will be on their way throughout December. Make sure you come back to Warhammer Community on Saturday for a closer look at these releases and even more reveals – there’s one, in particular, you won’t want to miss.

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