These are rather wild rumors, and are from the Tyranids Facebook group. Its second hand information, and even then.... However, I figured we had best mention it as some of you have probably heard of this being talked about.

Again, apply lots of salt. Or, just move on. I don't really get the algorithmic thing. If anyone else has heard anything similar, or knows more, chime in or send an email.

via Tyranid Facebook Group
a chap in the Tyranids FB group has piped up with the following (literally just this – a copy n paste):

-70 days! 
*algorithmic playtest
*'decurion' including 14 out of the existing 21 formations 
*major reworking in how synapse works (e.g. Dark eldar power feom pain), being more tactical
*IB unchanged
*algorithmically playtesting a change in twin linked devs: more strenght, no tl or see below
*algorithmically playtesting new interaction between weapon (range, rof) and insect ammunition (S, ap, type)

Playtesting should be ending in 15 days and then it’s translations and printers.  Nothing apart from this, when asked for the source the fellow said that he wants to keep his job and so couldn’t say.  I’ve not seen anything original that’s not blatantly dodgy crop up in our Tyranid FB group before so these could be 50/50 unless you’ve heard similar from elsewhere.
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