Games Workshop recently ran the "Conquering Elites" Competition. I am if anything, always in need of inspiration in order to model work done. While my stuff pales in comparision to the skill this hobby produces, I still love to field a painted army, and the amount of work that I have to put into that painted army to field it.

Tonight will once again be one of my working on models night, so it was good timing that GW posted the winner of the competition and some of the runner ups. I only wish there were some Dark Eldar models in the runner ups. Regardless, here they are.

Above are the 5 Wolf Guard Terminators that won by Matt Stevens. A couple close ups below.

Chaos Knights of Tzeentch by Iain Compton

Forgeworld Nurgle Dreadnaught by Tyler Mengel

Harlequin Troupe Master by Sebastien Habsiger

Ironclad Dreadnaught by James Arnold
Chosen of Chaos by André Rau

Ironclad Dreadnaught by Cyril Carlier

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