Today is Friday, incase you havent heard. While everyone is taking a close look at their elites in their armies, I saw a decent Tau rumor compilation that might have some new information on it for some people. I beleive I have heard everything on this before, however, not all of it in one place.

Please remember to take with salt. These are rumors.

Compilation via Cypher871
Penciled in release date of August 2011 (Natfka's notes: "unlikely", look for them Q1 2012)

All current metal sets to be plastic (Pathfinders, Krootox, Vespids). New plastics are completed for Crisis Suits, Stingwings and Pathfinders.

Plastic Barracuda as well as a new unit choice, which will be a new alien race (insert your fantasy here).

Battle Suits - plug and play system. Essentially streamlined. Pick two guns and a skill or two skills and a gun. New models with interchangeable arms similar to Killa Kans?

Rule Changes
HQ and Troops
HQ choices are used to unlock units for troops, so a commander in a Crisis Suit unlocks Crisis Suits as troops, an Etheral unlocks Fire Warriors, Shaper unlocks Kroot.

Crisis Suits
Mostly same stats but now 3 wounds, come with every gun option and you can choose what weapon systems you fire every round. Max squad size x 5

Can take Network Markerlights instead of the missiles on their arms

Hammerhead Railgun
Draws a line across the table hitting everything under it. Multiple penetration through vehicles, only stopped by a glancing hit.

Shield Generator
Only team leaders can take a shield generator. The shield generator functions exactly like the DE Shadowfield. 2+ invulnerable save until the first failed save at which point it ceases to work.

No longer bought as Wargear. They are bought as a unit and then divided as you see fit at the start of the match. You can mix your drones when bought for the point cost needed. This caters for Drone Squadrons as an option.

One markerlight can fire the seekers off one model. Seekers replenish and are no longer one use items. Skyrays will only be able to fire one seeker per round.

1. Kroot HQ is in the works!

2. Kroot to get own transport (Devilfish will no longer be able to transport Kroot)

3. Kroot will get light armor saves (6+)

4. Kroot shaper will allow for the unit to have a special genetic trait.

5. Firewarrior carbine to get a grenade launcher (either explosive or EMP)

6. Vespids reworked and getting a Heavy unit

7. Firewarrior BS increased to 4

8.Crisis suits will get “hit and run” ability

9. Various changes to Firewarrior equipment

10. Various changes to Crisis suit equipment

11. New Prototypes

12. 4th edition prototypes now “standard” equipment for all suits

13. All HQ’s can act as a commander

14. New type of “Heavy” Battlesuit (new prototype of the Broadside)

15. Stealth suits will be changed to a advanced scout unit similar to Pathfinders

16. Pathfinders will be changed to act as a type of Tau Commando infantryBallistics Skill (p6 p18 40k 5th)
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