It seems that we can sometimes gain some insight to new a new codex when checking out new Black Library releases. The Fall of Damnos is no exception. While I have not read the book as of yet, I just finished Soul Hunter, I do expect to get to it soon. Perhaps though some insight from the new Necron novel will quench our thirst for some Necron back story, or just some slight glimpse into what is supposed to be our next codex. ( I hope).

There is also a rumor going around, that we will see something on the Necron side in June or July, most likely July. I am not posting this rumor as credible (I pass up quite a few I find), but thought I would mention it in passing since we were discussing Necrons. So please take an unhealthy amount of salt on this one, enough to clog up those arteries.

Remember that all rumors are rumors, and take these with salt when referring to how or what we will see in the codex.

via Vhalyar
For what it's worth, here's a summary of the Necron aspects in Fall of Damnos (about 2/3 through):
- The higher entities are very much full of personality, from batshit crazy to arrogant to calculating and vengeful. They also cling to the concepts of royalty, nobility and rank and announce themselves as Necrontyr, not Necrons.

- Said entities do experience some form of fear, but only of each other (so far). Fear of punishment, fear of becoming disgusting like flayed ones (referred to as a malady, heh).

- The baser necrons are driven by some form of emotion, though they're still automatons. Destroyers are specifically mentioned as thirsting for utter destruction of everything.

- Unlike Tyranids, the Lord in charge of a tomb world doesn't exactly have absolute control. There's some willing subversiveness, mostly in the form of fear of being erased by the lord if orders are not followed.

- Constructs are controlled by a cryptek, which is a rank like Lords. Seems to be an humanoid entity like most necrons, but with extensive time-manipulation abilities.

- Lords are fairly varied, see: Flayed One Lord. He's quite comical. Abloo bloo bloo, where's my face, give me my robes, let me borrow your skin
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