Way to start off our Monday morning with some Necron Rumors. It will be a good rumor day, as I already to go is the next set of rumors for the day, followed up with some Dark Eldar tournament lists as I prepare for this coming weekends tournament.

Necron rumors are turning into high gear and should be continueing if they are indeed the next codex.
Remember that these are rumors, and to take with dose of salt.

rumors via MadCowCrazy
Author : Mat Ward for the bulk of the codex, but two others were involved before him.

We'll Be Back was still trying to be saved, last he knew.

Will be back is redone (Feel no Pain now)

WBB is basically FNP for most guys. Not FNP exactly

Gauss Weapons are Rending

Many Psychic Powers listed as "Tech Upgrades"

Phase out is reworked

Complicated rules from the codex are getting simplified and a lot of the war gear options are vanishing

Not all gauss weapons are rending.

Living metal is changing

The way Res orbs work has been reworked

Necrons will have their magic power guy, tech upgrades instead of psychic powers most likely

C’tan are gone, and are replaced with powerful named Necron lords and special characters.

One of the Lords makes Immortals troops

Another Special Character has some really nice anti psyker abilities

While the Ctan are themselves out of the codex their influence is still in place.

One of the lords was like 240 points or somewhere around there. He looks like he has potential to be beastly in CC though.

Will come 10 to a box
New options and also other colors of rod (orange and red I think? Orange is not bright orange, but sort of dark, kinda like a beer color almost)
Warriors are not changing, but doesn't preclude a new weapon/option sprue.
Otherwise look the same.

Redone, in plastic? Unsure of the material.
Lots of "Bling"
Bigger than old ones
One of the Special Character ‘Cron lords makes them troops
Will come in boxes of 5, can be in units of up to 10.

Flayed Ones
Redone, unsure of the material.


Fast Attack

Scarab Swarms

-See heavy for combined rumours

New fast attack unit
Look kinda like flayed ones
They have an 18” charge with their special ability
Think jump infantry with special rules
5 per box

Heavy Support
Remain expensive

Destroyers/Heavy Destroyers
Redone in plastic.
Like the old hybrid kits, but in plastic with fancier torso’s.
The skimmer body things don’t look much changed.
Option for a lawn mower (lown mower as in a gun that has alot of shots, to mow throw hordes) type weapon too if you want to deal with hordes, 1 per box.

Tomb spider
Getting a remake
Will have several options and be able to fulfil a variety of roles in the army.
Spyders redone in plastic.
1 per box.

New MC/Vehicle
Can throw down some long range hurt but is still underwhelming compared to things like the Manticore 48” range
1 per box

New giant MC
Ranged or Melee options
Wraith Lord feel all around
One of the guns looks similar to the new gun the destroyer guys are getting which works well against hordes.
He has a lot of weapon options
1 per box.

New Blisters:
New metal lord on foot
Has a staff

First resin models in 40k
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