This last week three new additions were added to the BlogExchange. You may have already seen them, since they were added almost a full week ago now. If you have not, it's worth your while to head on over to check them out. There is some excellent model work to see, as well as a very very early eldar artwork drawing by Jes Goodwin (you will have to find it).

If you have a blog you would like to add to the BlogExchange, please send an email to

Warp Signal
by James S

Craftworld Behemoth
by Uncle Buck

Of Wolf and Raven
by Grajo

About the Faeit 212 BlogExchange;
There are literally thousands of Warhammer blogs out there. The blog-o-sphere can be hard to sift through, so that is where the Faeit 212 BlogExchange comes in. Get a blog roll going, I will add you to mine and vise versa. All blogs start with no one checking on them. This is the heart of the Exchange.

The Faeit 212 BlogExchange is located at the top right of this blog, and will update you with the latest from blogs on the Exchange. Also note that there are blogs here that I have added myself, that are good reading.

The search box at the bottom of the Exchange is set up to search all the blogs listed on the exchange. Type in your subject, and you should be able find what you want. Being able to search all the listed blogs for a single subject should really be a great aid for readers looking that hard to find subject.

I also do a BlogExchange spotlight for blogs that send me in a brief description with a link. If you want a pic included, either point it out to me, or include it. If you were added before I started doing blog spotlights, you may still request one. There are two blogs this week that both joined the BlogExchange this week and requested a spotlight
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