The tournament last weekend at Knightfall Games went on without a hitch. I was glad I went, despite being dissapointed about not bringing Dark Eldar. Instead I took my Imperial Guard. They are the painted ones in the video (last army shown).  Chris (the owner at Knightfall) took the video.

Jake ran the tournament, and ran it smoothly. The players for the most part knew the rules well enough, that play went along quickly, and only in the very last game did I have problems getting the game completed on time. If you are planning on playing in a tournament, practicing playing within the timeline allowed should be something you are doing.

I think the only thing that would of been nice to see, is the missions released on the stores website the day or two before the tournament. The missions were custom, and with some minor imbalances. Example.. bonus points at +1 per unit engaged in close combat (at games end) within 6" of the single objective in the center of the board. Now playing guard, especially against a good Ork opponent, there was no chance if I wanted to win the game, that I was going to battle those orks in close combat.

Regardless, if the missions were posted a little earlier, even the night before, people would of had time to adjust their thinking slightly. I would not of changed  my lists, but instead would of been like "oh crap" this is going to be hard.

I want to put in a plus for Travis and his Orks. No matter when I play him, we always have an excellent and tough game. We had a brutal first game, and it came down to a draw at the end of 5 rounds. His warboss with nob bikers did fail their leadership with a boss pull and flee off the table, however........ That is nothing to a couple years ago in Seattle Ard Boyz semi's when his one salamander marine making two 6+ cover saves as he went to ground vs two earthshaker rounds and a 4+vs a demolisher shell. That one cost me some points in that tournament.

Very fun tournament, the players there did an excellent job. Travis with his Orks took "Overall Champion", I with my Guard took "Best General", with Dan getting  with his Ravenwing Bike Army "Best Sportsmanship", and "Last Man Standing" going to John with his Imperial Guard
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