The timeline for me to field my Release the Monsters Dark Eldar Portal list is past. There is just no way of fielding it properly in the tournament tomorrow. The primary reason it has to be completed, is because battlepoint wise, a fully painted army is worth a full massacre in points. Not to mention, that I whole-heartily dislike fielding an incomplete and non-painted army for a tournament (its like showing up to work naked).

Where I failed. Hmmmm. The list is shorter where I succeeded. I had warriors ready enough, even had my beastermaster unit put together. Raiders could of passed, Venoms would of passed. I have yet to get together two out of three of my webways, the haemonculi (all 3), and of course, my grotesques. Over all, nothing is really up to par, and I would rather push it away, and take my time.

So I have decided to not rush through my Dark Eldar army just to meet a tournament deadline. It's sad. I was really looking forward fielding them.

So now my options are rather narrow. I have a painted Blood Angel army, limited Dark Eldar (especially since I tore a lot of models apart trying to get things ready), and my Imperial Guard. I will probably take my Imperial Guard,  so it will take some figuring tonight on what I want to play. I do not like putting together a list this quickly, for an army I have not played in months.
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