It looks like we are going to see a decent sized June release for Dark Eldar.  Rumors are all over the map on what is going to be released and what is not. Here are a few more rumors taken from various online conversations.

On top of what they are discussing below, we are expected to see Venoms, Talos/ Cronos, Razorwing Jetfighters, and scourges in June. The voidraven model apparently was having some issues, and is expected later this summer.

If these rumors pan out, I will wait before converting my Dark Eldar Grotesques to just wait for the real model. At least til sometime in May when rumors get more substantial.

Several months ago we were told that 90% of the range would be out by June. Along with the vague announcement we have heard from GW, it looks like it might just be panning out.

Please remember that rumors are rumors, and to take with a grain of salt.

via Frgt/10
there is a battleforce incoming, I would assume this is also a june release.
10 warriors
10 wyches
1 raider
3 jetbikes

via 75hastings69
Wracks are metal and done already. Grotesques and Court of the Archon are also already done.
As well as the June DE release there's also more stuff to come at the end of the summer 
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