The last I recall seeing anything new for Sisters of Battle was last year, and the Repressor links I had thought were dead and gone. It seems there is now an update, and I've been told that they just went live yesterday, although I am having a hard time finding out anything official on it. 

Here is the latest bit of updates on the Sisters of Battle Repressor

via a reader from the Faeit 212 inbox
I was wanting to give you a heads up that of all things to get an update the largely outdated repressor for the sisters of battle got an update from forgeworld today.  Big change to note is it is now AV 13 on the front.  Almost everything else is retained, save the searchlights and is now 75 points instead of 50.  Thought this might possibly point to a future update for sisters in the near future.  The PDF is up on their site here here:

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