IA 3 is already available in its 2nd edition to bring it up to date with new rules. Included of course are updated information for Elysian Drop Troops, Tau Battlesuits and Vehicles. There is a full video release by Forgeworld that you can see following the link below.

It works well that all the new Imperial Armour books are being updated, as it gets quite hard to validate a purchase of them when they are behind editions on rules.

here is your link


  1. I emailed Forgeworld about updates to IA11, but they are apparently months out as the authors are very busy.

  2. I wouldn't be suprised. With Apocalypse dropping next month and Space Marines rumored 2months after, they're going to be taxed to keep up.

  3. That, plus all the Horus Heresy stuff.

  4. So, is there any information regarding as to when the Siege of Vraks will be getting updated? I assume they'll be adjusted in line with all the previous volumes of IA, so they'll be after numbers 3 and 4, etc. I'm just curious when that will be on the calendar...


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