A little while ago, a good rumor source, Harry claiming that next year we will see at least two codices.... Tau and Eldar. For me, that meant we were likely to see one additional codex.... a marine dex of some sort. Black Templar possibly?

A while back we also heard that theDarkGeneral claiming that Chaos Daemons is expected sometime during 2013. This makes 2013 look rather odd, when people starting trying to attempt release patterns of Imperial / non-imperial, or even powered armour / non powered armour. Of course Chaos and Dark Angels feel a little odd if you are looking at patterns. Tau, Eldar and Chaos Daemons do not feel right simply because that would put 3 xenos codices in one year, possibly without an imperial release.

So what does and does not come out next year is still a lot of speculation for most of us, but the rumor mongers are starting to talk about Chaos Daemons coming. Please take this with a little more salt than normal, but its a good second source for Chaos Daemons.

Via Stickmonkey
Chaos Daemons are expected to get an update mid 2013. And with new sexy Greater Demon plastic kits.

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