This weekend has been a full one, with the 2nd wave of Necrons being released and tons of rumors (leaks) depending on how you are looking at it.

Presence of Faeit is my weekly editorial. I generally report during the week what is going on, and today is my day to comment on what exactly it is that I am thinking of.

Random Psychic Powers
The latest rumors have 6th edition psykers getting their powers randomly. I for one really dislike the idea of random powers or abilities for any army. It is the one reason that my Wyches are all thrown into a box to wait for some future addition of the codex, that probably my son will get to play.

Psykers have gotten to be a lot of fun in 5th edition, from the standard marine codex, Blood Angels, and now finally Grey Knights. The wide array of powers has let people customize how they want their librarians to function within a list, and it takes very little to balance this....... As psychic hoods and other powers limiting these abilities are abound.

I think it would be a sad day if all the powers were strictly random, and you had no choice in the matter. Especially when it comes down your characters. When modelling, some of us fanatics really do like to name our heroes, give them psychic powers that relate on how they want them to be. Randomness just seems to wash this out of characters.

Since I do not play fantasy, I might have to look into how they do their magic phases to get a heads up on psykers in 6th edition.

Rumor Mongers
Lately on Faeit 212, we have had a guest here named Grant. He has just of late been giving us little bits, or verifiying or not, other rumors that appear here. I think this is a great development, not just for the site but for the community at large. Many of the little bits are very exciting, are why we in fact like rumors. We really do not need much, but just tantalizing little fragments to keep us all foaming at the mouth.

So if you are reading this Grant, thanks for the bits, we hope to see more.

6th Edition and Chaos Marine Rumors.
This last week has been bustling as Tastytaste seemed to open the floodgates on upcoming rumors. This next week and those to follow will be very exciting as we start to flesh out what our game is to soon become. I am very comfortable with 5th edition, and change is always rough.

Some of the latest bits of info include Close Combat weapons having an AP, vehicles with hull points, to Ahriman being a level 4 psyker. Other things I am getting excited about are traitor guard and cultists in the next Chaos Codex. Just this simple addition will probably make Chaos my next army.

The Dragon
Does the idea of a Dark Mechanicus creating daemon engines not excite many of us? I for one think it opens up a whole new world of ideas that Chaos will be able to employ. The standard dreadnought that no one ever used (random effects) becoming something all together more vigorous and deadly would be a great change for Chaos Marines.

The idea of infernal daemon engines is what I would see as an advancement on the idea of possessed vehicles. A corruption of the machine spirit the imperium holds dear. I can imagine a sect of Dark Mechanicus not only creating or corrupting these new engines, but feeding them when they are hungry.

Grey Knights
Well, if indeed 6th edition is right around the corner, I think I have wrapped up my final Grey Knights list. I have gotten the chance to play it now... (video coming soon), and really enjoy it. There might be a few minor modifications, but using a mostly infantry list with Grey Knights is where I am falling. Of course most units come with a rhino, unless they are meant to deep strike onto the field.

While I will not go into the list right now, you will be able to get an idea of it from the upcoming battle report that I am about halfway through editing.


  1. My complaint with psykers in this edition is that it's to easy to past the test. Maybe if they changed it to ANY roll of a double is Peril of warp I would like that

    This CSM rumors are very interesting and conflicting, Ian glad I don't playb them so I don have to be caught in the middle of this...well... CHAOS!!! And as far as 6th ap on cc means orks and tyranids would presumably be easier to kill in assault. And the hull points sounds interesting too... The future is looking good right now....

    1. I agree. It's not that I would like to see additional risk when using pysker powers, I would just like to see them actually fail sometimes.
      Not to mention, higher potency powers have the same chance to succeed as lower potency ones.
      I'd like to see a system where more powerful psyker powers carried larger risks in their use. For instance, Fortune could test on regular LD, but Mind War would test at a reduced LD, or be modified by the type of target.

    2. Yeah, but Psykers cost a lot... A 1k Son sorcerer costs 60 points - standard 1k Son costs 23: therefore upgrade to psyker costs 37 points + power (required). If I had to pay more points for a better power, with a greater risk of Perils of the Warp on a 1 wound model... I'm not sure I would like that.

    3. It is 37 points, but 1k Son Sorcerers are mastery level 2 psykers. You get your power, and force weapon activation.

    4. Aye but think from a fluff view that the warp is crazy and dangerous, so the more psychic powers you unleash would increase a chance for a peril. Its not that dont like psykers but considering the risk-reward on them, the reward is far to easy to achieve from what ive personally seen.

  2. You know I never really thought about how fantasy does wizards vs. 40k psykers. On one hand, everyone from the 40k side sees random powers as the End of the world, but they are still widely used in fantasy, despite random spells.

    1. Wizards can always exchange a random spell for one or two signiture spells from certain schools of magic, or from the special schools of magic in their respective army books. The spells that come with each army book fit extremely well with the overall feel of each army. For example, Skaven spells are quite powerful, but are just as likely to harm the Skaven army as much as the enemy.

      An element of randomness forces generals to appreciate flexibility as a skill.

    2. An element of randomness has the potential to lose the game for you despite any degree of flexibility possessed by you, the general.

      Random means, despite everything else, this die result can skew the game in your favor, or in your opponents favor to such a degree that all the subsequent die rolls. maneuver, what have you, are irrelevant.

      Random is bad. It is why I, and a great many other people have sidelined our fantasy armies for the duration of eighth.

  3. Random phyic powers? Sounds like a terrible idea for eldar. Eldard has just about 5 different powers and can cast 3 per turn while a farseer can have 2. If the wrong one goes of, for example mind war instead of doom, it can really srew u up. Close combat weapons with ap sounds bad too, as that's essentially what power weapons are. The worst is hull points, for it means with enought glances you can kill a vechicle. Necons anyone???

    1. Assuming it will be along the lines of WHFB, you get to roll which psychic powers you get before the game starts. Mind you, this is still terrible, but it's certainly better than all psykers suddenly being ork wyrdboys.
      I fully agree with your other points, though. Necrons will go right back to murdering all vehicles within range in the first shooting phase.
      Also, AP on CCWs will spell doom for all 5+ save armies going up against marines.

    2. Yeah, what's the point of the Ork 6+ save? It's already pretty worthless. I would rather they just knock off a point and pull off the armor.

  4. The AP on combat weapons seems like a reasonable change to me. After all, it seems a bit extreme to bunch all the ever expanding types of combat weapons of all races into either 'no affect on armour' or 'ignores armour'. Ok, this will have an impact on say Orks, who will likely loose their armour from the vast majority of combat attacks, which coincides with the fact that the same is true of Orks vs Shooting attacks, and therefore this makes perfect sense to me. After all, a 1/6 chance of saving doesn't really have that much of an impact in combat. If you're particularly worried, take one more Ork per 6 in the mob and you've offset the loss!
    As for the affect on other armies, such as guard, its time to come to terms with the fact that yes, Space Marines are going to WOOOP all kinds of Guard ass in combat, and anyone who objects to this needs to ask themselves some very serious questions! Besides, I’m not mistaken in believing only Assault Marines come with Chainswords as standard am I?
    My only concerns with AP for combat weapons rest on two things; Power weapons and Terminators. For most armies, when engaging two attack minimum, 2+ save, 4 4 4 4 stat line models, Power Weapons are about the only option to beating these monstrosities down. If they are introducing AP to combat, it stands to reason Power Weapons will lose 'ignores armour' and gain their own AP stat. What’s this likely to be? Well for me, I would expect this to be AP3. Exactly, no more bye-bye 2+ saves on Terminator deathstars. The only way o beat them in combat will be with powerfist equivalent weapons (which you’d assume will pack a better AP), which means they're beating you first/simultaneously with THEIR Power Weapons/Fists. Game over combat vs Terminators.
    Or, imagine AP4 Power Weapons... Bad times.

    1. I enjoyed reading your thoughts...

      It did spark an idea in my head about the progression of CC weapons, so think of this...

      CC weapons = combat blades, swords.. without any modifiers meaning everyone gets a save but boosts your amount of attacks in CC

      Power weapons = have an AP value and add to the amount of attacks your normally get.

      Master crafted = re rolled power weapon attacks or ignores invulnerable saves

      Runic weapons = AP value, add to attacks, ignores invulnerable saves or adds to strength

      I'm not saying this is where CC is going but I can visualize a progression of CC type weapons that would allow for a greater variety that would augment differing armies... if that made any sense! :P

      I'll be in the corner plotting... always with the plotting...


    2. Interesting. I for one would welcome this kind of variance in combat weapons, but would probably take it further. I see no reason not to give all combat weapons their own 'stat line' in a similar way to Shooting weapons, in a similar fashion to 2nd edition. This would also give further scope to balance out the combat and shooting phases, which I think most people would agree have become distinctly out of sync in this edition.

      What I DON'T want to see is rules like this makeing 2+ save models even more difficult to deal with, by removing the options available to armies to deal with these units in combat (i.e. no save weapons). Combat weapon rules would also majorly help out Armies such as Orks which presently have such a poor array of Combat Weapons it makes you wonder who decided to make them a combat army in the first place!

    3. I think power weapons would be AP 2... The fluff is that they cut through you on a molecular level.

    4. I guess what I was trying to get across is that a progression of CC weapons could update/change armies without having to do a whole slew of rewrites to older books.



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