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Chaos Space Marine Rumors...... Another Set

This morning we have a new set of Chaos Space Marine Rumors floating around. I have a lot to get posted today, so lets jump right into them.......

Please remember that these are rumors. Some of this conflicts (the special characters part) conflicts with Tastytastes rumors, which in my opinion increases the amount of salt required for this set.

via theDarkGeneral
Berserker could be looking at a slight point cost drop, and they cpould have the option for 2 Hand Flamers, plus their Khornate Chain Axes could possibly give a re-roll to wound.

He has implied that Defilers will get better and be upgradable.

there will be "lots of "New" special characters ranging from bikers to (possibly) a dread and quite a few Terminator Armored ones"

HQ selections moving units to different FOC slots.

we could see Thousand Sons Psyker Dreadnoughts, Flank Marching Alpha Legion Terminators and Iron Warriors Havocs with "Tank Busters" rule.

Cult units to all have a list of upgrades such as Bikes, Wings/Jump Packs, Terminator Armour etc. Whether this made it through development, we'll have to wait and see.

There was also a strong implication that the following could be army-wide special rules for specific Legions:
*Iron Warriros: Tank Hunters
*Alpha Legion: Infiltrators
*Night Lords: Stealth
*Word Bearers: Stubborn
*Black Legion: Re-roll all failed LD tests.

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  1. How many days will it be until this rumour is contradicted by another rumour which will be contradicted by another rumour later on?

    Guess they don't call them CHAOS for no reason!

  2. While I am a fan of Tastytaste and Grant's rumors (which I believe about 99% of) I'm still unable to believe that we will get no new special characters. So much has changed since our last chaos codex that it would be either unwise, or just lazy of GW not too. I also wish to see the return of legion specific rules. Grant or Tastytaste, if you come across this comment, please elaborate on whether these are included in the new codex. Thank you!

    1. I'm sorry chaps, there are no legion specific rules. TheDarkGeneral is merely guessing and he is wrong.

      The best you can do is unlock certain elites as troops with specific special characters.

      Of which, there are no new ones mate. But they are all pretty good. Ahriman is a bloody psyker mastery level 4 now.


    2. I always got the impression that TDG was full of it just by the sheer amount of stuff that he spouts out. Theres no way he can know so much by how tight the rumor lock down is.

    3. Hi Grant,

      Do you know about any changes to Typhus or hear anything about new cult troop sculpts?

      Thank you!

    4. Guess it's back to writing my own chaos fandex again...

    5. Perhaps that just opens it up to legion specific codexs one day? They say that 6th will last longer so they will be able to focus on armies and models so maybe they will release more armies.

    6. I don't know either of these inidivduals, but I have to say Grant and Tasty seem to be a lot firmer in their info. TDG just sounds like wishlisting - I can't see them bringing back 3.5 as much as I'd like. I mean khornate chainaxes?

      Or they could be both right...and the next book is renegades, followed by legions...? *brain explosion*

    7. I understand that Legions are closer to release so rumors are now more reliable. However,I do doubt the integrity of some of these rumors. Tastytaste has proven himself reliable on more then one occasion. And not to bash Grant (which I am not trying to do), but I don't believe a portion of what he says. The Dragon was pointed at by Tastytaste originally, and then Grant proceeded to jump on it after it was talked about as opposed to giving rumors (as with most of the recent chaos rumors). Legion specific rules (as asked about above by others) have been pointed at by so many people, both unreliable and not, that I still consider it a near certainty they will be re-included. Since the last codex update, we've had so much lore and stuff added that theres a high probability that we will get more than two new units and at least several new special characters for legions. In fact the codex is Chas Legions, emphasis on the LEGIONS part! If they wanted it to be generic chaos in all its forms without specific rules for differant aspects, they'd probably just call the codex Chaos.

    8. Do we actually know for sure its called Chaos Legions?

    9. Anon (9:47) - Chaos legions was a fan made name. No proof there. It was called that because in the beginning, we thought chaos would stay the same, with another codex to give rules for the legions. And don't pour scorn on Grant. Even when Tastytaste suggested a mechanical Chaos Dragon, people didn't believe him, although he's extremely reliable. Can you imagine what people would think if Grant suggested it, with no previous rumour record?

    10. I wasn't pooring scorn on Grant. And the Legions thing was my bad. I actually believe quite a bit about what Grant is saying because it was first pointed at by him, then multiple others after I read his first set of rumors.. I was merely saying that Grant has added information to rumors while not providing them itself more often than not. I have the utmost respect for people who give us rumors, and in no way meant to disrespect Grant, although I do wish to know how he did get his hands on dat codex haha

    11. Well, you're not the only one - maybe he's been blessed by Tzeentch?

  3. Curious, this reads a lot like the beloved 3.5 codex. I wouldn't mind that one bit, in all honesty. Considering the other rumors we have heard lately, I do hope that this one is one of the true ones.

  4. I like the idea to directly give the Cult Units access to Havoc / Biker / Raptor / Terminator upgrades, seems a lot simpler than doing them all as separate entries.

  5. Oh boy contradicting rumors! Yes! XD Hmmm by now ove heard so many rumors I think I'll just hop on th fence alone till the codex comes so I can pick a side.....

  6. I for one am hoping things side more on the side of TheDarkGeneral's rumors, I started 40k with the 3.5 CSM dex and loved them. I've pretty much kept my Iron Warriors on the shelves since the latest Blood Angels dex. I (like everyone else xD) will just have to wait and see I suppose. If this codex disappoints I think I'll just sell all my CSM and finally get those FW Death Korps of Krieg models I've been wanting to replace my Cadian IG... guess it's a win win... sort of.. -.-

  7. Grant, you state their are no new special characters in the codex - does this also mean every character from the current codex will be returning? Specifically, I'm interested if Fabius Bile is in, and can still "create" altered CSM squads.

    Also, can you confirm no daemons of any sort?

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