This morning DrLove42 dropped a nice rumor set on our lap. It includes May's big necron release, a suprise flyer release, and even something we hadnt heard yet...... Tau in November. Definetly worth the read. The best part is, a lot of it sounds rather logical with what we have been hearing but is more specific.

Please remember that these are rumors. Salt required.

via DrLove42

OK so I went to a comp last weekend (yesterday in fact :P).
At this I had a chat with a guy who until recently used to be a GW manager. He talked with me a bit about upcoming stuff.

Now I know this seems like the least credible source in history (better than my brothers friends sister works at a printing company though) but other people from the club he'd come from say hes usually been right about his rumours;

Next wave Necrons. Also a suprise wave of fliers (the DE Voidraven, Necron Fliers, an Ork Fightabomba and a aircraft for regular marines. Maybe stuff for other races wasn't sure)at the end of the month, with rules in WD

Next Book.- Preorder at end of may for beginning on June release

6th Ed
End of June.

6th Ed starter box
Will not be released in the traditional pre-UK games day slot, and will likely be earlier (when he didn't say)

Chaos vs DA. DA includes 5 Ravenwing, 5 Deathwing, some Tac Marines and a Deathwing Commander.

Chaos includes some chosen, a sorceror and a boatload of cultists (He did say he didn't see a Dread - which is against every other rumour thus far I think - But he did admit only seeing some of the sprues- Sorceror also opens up possibilites of those plastic Plaguebearers we've heard about before)

Will be before the box set, supposedly preorders up at the end of July.


He claimed GW are trying to release 3 codexes and the main rule book this year, in addition to another fantasy book and the hobbit stuff, so releases may seem more closely packed than we're used to

As I said, credibiltiy seems laughable, but I believed him. Maybe that makes me an idiot. We'll just to wait and see.....

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